When these female wrestlers take a male opponent into the wrestling ring, you just KNOW the action is going to be hot and definitely EROTIC! Nude female on male grappling and mixed wrestling fun awaits you in our free picture gallery!
an erotic mixed wrestling picture

Pinned And Pussy Smothered!

"Now that's the type of erotic mixed wrestling hold I like to see! Some hot babe pinning you to the mat after some sweaty grappling and making you SMELL her hot pussy! Would you kick and struggle to escape her grasp? Or would you lay back and let yourself be pussy smothered? It's no hard question for me, having some fit wrestling babe pin me down and force me to sniff her sweaty snatch would be a DREAM come true!..."

Erotic Ball Kicking!

"I'm not quite so sure what exactly is erotic about having some wrestling girl kick you in the balls, you know? I mean, EVEN if she IS nude and looking hot, who wants to take a blow to the nads in the name of erotic mixed wrestling? Not me! Although I would like to grapple and wrestle with a naked young girl for a few hours, wouldn't you? I guess this poor schmuck thought he was going to get some hot pussy on his face when he climbed into the wrestling ring with her and ended up with a pair of crushed nuts instead! YOUCH!..."
an erotic mixed wrestling picture
an erotic mixed wrestling picture

Erotic Head Scissors Wrestling Hold!

"Okay, now THIS I find erotic! Having a hot bikini wrestling slut wrap her long tan legs around my head and force my face straight into her warm moist crotch. Yeah, baby! I wouldn't even struggle that much, would you? This is the type of erotic mixed wrestling that I could really get into. Can you imagine even getting PAID to grapple and wrestle with fit young girls in their bikinis? Now THAT'S some easy cash!..."

Naked Half-Nelson!

"Another great erotic wrestling hold, right? A young naked girl on your back with her arms behind your head trying to force you to the mat for the pin. I think I'd let her grapple and wrestle me around for a few minutes like this, then I'd roll out of it and try to get on HER back! Of course they might call foul once I tried to stick my dick up her tight little ass, right? I shouldn't boast though, I've seen some muscular female erotic mixed wrestling champs that could EASILY kick my ass from one end of the ring to the other!..."
an erotic mixed wrestling picture
an erotic mixed wrestling picture

Naked Erotic Headscissors!

"I think this is probably my favorite erotic mixed wrestling picture and hold. Being pinned between a nude young girl's legs looking straight up into her naked hot little pussy! No need to struggle now, you'd be JUST where you wanted to be! I bet that's some sweet smelling pussy after a hard bout of erotic mixed wrestling, eh? Everyone knows that wrestling girls get off when they grapple and fight in the ring, so I bet this is one wrestling slut who's WET WET WET!..."

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